The mission of the World Peace Through Technology Organization is to inspire world peace. We do this by demonstrating the many uses of benevolent technology to all people without discrimination. By doing so, we enhance the evolution of community development between global citizens and foster an environment of peace.

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to technology education and art; educating people about the world’s cultures, and demonstrating the latest in learning and communication technologies. By raising awareness and knowledge of each other we are promoting global harmony and peace.

The World Peace Through Technology Organization is also known by its project, the Peace Tour.

The World Peace Through Technology Organization (WPTTO) is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation organized for charitable purposes.

The specific purposes for which the World Peace Through Technology Organization is organized are:

  1. To inspire world peace through the benevolent uses of technology.
  2. To facilitate the evolution of community development between global citizens.
  3. To bring technology to the people of the world as part of a humanitarian effort.
  4. To prepare an educational mobile gallery called the Peace Tour.
  5. To exhibit multimedia showcases in this mobile gallery regarding benevolent technologies
  6. To bring this mobile gallery to people, at various national and international locations, who could benefit from benevolent technologies.
  7. To provide educational events, including demonstrations about the use of computers and the Internet, and the creation of art and music.
  8. To provide education to enlighten the public about peace, the benefits of using communication and environmentally friendly technologies (such as the Internet, and photovoltaics).
  9. To provide computer rebuilds and donations to other non-profit organizations.
  10. To provide cultural events, showcasing diversity and creativity.
  11. To provide a forum for the exhibition of technologically related and inspired art forms, including moving and static sculptures, still and moving visual images, and music.

Peace Dove

Our world is advancing technologically, and it is widely believed that the world is experiencing a paradigm shift in consciousness. Despite the short term setbacks of current global conflict, we are on the verge of entering a new atmosphere of peace within the Information Age – that, if navigated wisely, can empower the human species to improve life for all living beings.

Historically, certain specific, technological advances have hugely contributed to the continued development of a world community. Over the last few years we have seen the Internet, a military network initially established to help stabilize the United States in the event of nuclear war, transform into perhaps the most monumental technological development of the 20th century. If properly fostered, the Internet can be a technology of peace. Whether it be the wheel, the sail, the printing press, the combustion engine, the telegraph, telephone, radio, television, or computer, all of these advances share one common denominator – they have each facilitated communication, connection, and greater understanding.