The How Weird Street Faire CD Vol. 1 was produced in 2003 from songs provided by artists who had played at the Faire. The album is a diverse collection of electronic music, with the intention of inspiring peace.

01. Om Tare Tu Tare – by Irina Mikhailova & Todd Christensen
02. Let The Rumpus Begin – by Adam & Eve
03. Bulge – by Shakatura
04. Give Peace A Trance – by Quasar
05. Mir – by Penta
06. Peace – by Ocelot
07. Biomagnetic Podes – by Biodegradable
08. Fortuna (4:20 Myx) – by Kode IV
09. Green Shake – by Waterjuice
10. Ananda Enchanted – by Bassnectar

Feel free to listen to the songs or download them. If you want to give thanks, please support the individual artists and the WPTTO. We want to thank all of the talented and creative artists who have shared their work with the world. Art is a very effective way to communicate, teach, and inspire.

The album is licensed through Creative Commons.
Use requires: Attribution, Non-Commercial Application, and Share Alike Licensing.