The Cosmic Stew

The World Peace Through Technology Organization is proud to present the 17th annual How Weird Street Faire on Sunday May 1, 2016. This year's faire will focus on diversity and multiculturalism, exploring the many ways in which we identify ourselves and how we can all live together in peace. There was a contest to choose the theme name, and the winner was "The Cosmic Stew".

The first step in coexisting is acceptance of different cultures. Just as an inspiring work of art can be made up of many different colors and elements, the many diverse ways that people have grouped together and the cultures they share make the world a more interesting place. Life is a symphony of different instruments working together in harmony.

How Weird 2016 will bring tens of thousands of unique cultures together to coexist in peace, proving that it is possible. The How Weird Street Faire celebrates acceptance and appreciates diversity, showing the world that relative differences can be fun.

Chief Oren Lyons of the Onandaga Nation explained, "Although we are in different boats,
we share the same river of life."

How Weird is a menagerie of attractions, including a world renowned music festival featuring 10 stages of different styles of dance music, an open air art festival filling an expanded Art Alley, a unique market of interesting vendors and delicious food, and a platform for performers of every type. The faire is from Noon to 8pm. Get there early to enjoy all of the fun.

The faire is located in the SoMa district, what has become the center of the technology industry for the city of San Francisco, and perhaps the world. How Weird attracts many of the area’s innovative technologists and internet pioneers, who are making a profound effect on the world with their digital tools. The area is home to a large concentration of art galleries and museums. How Weird also attracts many types of artists and lovers of art and culture. The faire, the area, and the participants represent the convergence of art and technology, the fusion of creativity and possibilities. How Weird is a place where evolutionary ideas can form, paving the way for fresh perspectives and new ways of viewing the world.

Stop by the Peace Technology Pavilion at the faire and say hello!