Bicycle Power

We rarely think about the total effort and cost that is put into making the electricity that powers our lives.

Our society has an insatiable appetite for power, now combined with the rapidly increasing demand for energy from China and India and the developing world. This is resulting in resource depletion, environmental destruction, climate change, and war. Our global dependence on fossil fuel for energy is unsustainable and breeds conflict. And it will only get worse until we are more wise with our energy consumption and production.

How can we put the vast amount of energy needs that our world demands into a perspective where we can begin to see the relative cost and make changes. We came up with an answer... human powered electricity generation. Enable people to experience first hand the cost of energy.

The easiest and most efficient way to do this would be to use bicycles to generate the electricity. A single person could power a light bulb with a little sweat of their own effort. A couple of people could power a television or computer. A bunch of people could power a large sound and multimedia entertainment system. Having been demonstrated at festivals and events for years, we already know it works.

Put into an educational context, this would be a valuable and unique lesson on the relative costs of our culture. It can also teach teamwork, cooperation, and peace as the more people who contribute the more that is possible. And best of all, it provides a clean source of electricity to an event, and a good workout for the participants.

We propose to bring a bicycle powered sound system to the How Weird Street Faire. We believe this is the most engaging and memorable way to learn about sustainable technologies, and one that can be fun. People of all ages will enjoy the educational experience, especially kids.

Our goal is to share this exhibit with other non-profits and bring it to festivals and events. We will team up with a local bicycle-related non-profit to design, build, set-up, and maintain the exhibit. Your donations help make make this a reality.